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Albe De Coker prints green!

Printing is often erroneously considered to be a great burden for the environment.

That is why we pay more than the usual attention to sustainable entrepreneurship. Controlling and mitigating the environmental impact of Albe De Coker’s operations is a vital and active part of our day-to-day management. After an initial environmental assessment together with some outside experts in early 2010, the checklist of all environmental aspects has since been finalized. Topics like the use of sustainable energy, research into eco-friendly alternative products, reducing waste volumes, cutting down on raw materials and a ‘to measure is to know’ programme are some of the basic tenets of our environmental policy. But we do, of course, look beyond our own walls and communicate with customers and suppliers on the efficient use of paper, advice on paper sourced from sustainable forestry, eco-friendly alternative products, the use of bulk packages and groupage cargo loads

The social impact of our business is also important to us, which is why we have established a close collaboration with the nearby social enterprise since 2016. Every day, around 10 of their employees come to work in our printing factory. We truly consider them an integral part of our team and ensure they are provided with guidance and support for the duration of their time on the factory floor.

As a result of the above, we are extremely pleased that Ecovadis, a market leader in independent business assessments in the field of sustainability, has awarded Albe De Coker a GOLD certificate for 2022. This puts us in the top 3% of businesses within our industry. In total 90,000 companies have been assessed, spreading across 160 countries and 200 industries.

With pride we show our Ecovadis Scorecard :

We do business in a socially responsible way:

  • Complying with the relevant environmental legislation and other requirements.
  • The rational – and where possible reduced – use of waterenergy and raw materials (our new CTP machine saves 3,000,000l water annually).
  • The responsible handling of dangerous products, looking for ways to reduce their use or looking for less harmful alternative products.
  • Source-separated collectionappropriate disposal and reducing the volumes of waste products.
  • Through the ISO 14001 environmental management system, we control and reduce the company’s environmental impact and thus contribute to environmental protection.
  • Fostering eco-conscious behaviour by all employees through suitable training and instructions.
  • Providing information and advice to customers on eco-friendly ways of manufacture.
  • Using energy from our 2650 solar panels, the remaining energy we buy green.
  • Step-by-step electrifying our car fleet.
  • Endorsing the ISO 26000 guidelines on corporate social responsibility.
  • Motivating employees to cycle to work through a bicycle leasing agreement.
  • Our entire production hall and office space is equipped with LED lighting.
  • Established cooperation with ClimatePartner for CO2 neutral printing.
  • Optimizing our print quality and reducing waste during the printing process via ISO-12647.
Albe De Coker prints:

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“I just wanted to say a big thank you… The printing and foiling looks great. Thanks for all your hard and very fast work!”


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“My parents (and all the gallery staff) LOVE the catalogue! It arrived earlier today in Chicago—the words “stunning” and “fantastic” were bandied about, and quite rightly! Many, many thanks again!”


“We have just received the Clough and Holmwood catalogues and cards and they look great! Many thanks for all your help once again.”
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